My colleagues in the profession,

We care all aware that there is a rapid change on how we manage to deliver our roles as civil engineers – the challenge of modern engineering practice. In fact, if the more seasoned civil engineers do not take seriously this  trend, there , surely is, a digital divide between the sensor, but, well – experienced civil engineers, from the new and appropriate technologies in the making their a job, a walk in the park, so to speak.

Added to this is how civil engineers respond to the challenges the world is currently facing such as climate change, pandemics, global markets, outsourcing, energy and water.But, as I have said, surely, solutions to these challenges are likely to come from technology.

Certainly, there are many applications-based civil engineering tools and up-to-date approaches to the planning, analysis, and design of highways, structures, hydraulics systems, and site developments and many other civil engineering disciplines.

In embracing this challenge, I am not addressing this only to those more experienced civil engineers but also to the breed of young civil engineering professionals who are still on their first step, to equip yourselves with the skills in identifying, analyzing, solving technology-driven issues and the ability to use appropriate technology in the course of your work both in societal and global context.

We are now living in the global village. There is no geographical distinction in the practice of our profession. And this is the real challenge – the challenge to market yourselves locally and internationally as well. As your PICE President, I am truly proud that Filipino civil engineers are making their mark in the international arena.

With our ASEAN integration, Filipino civil engineers continue to lord it over as mangers of big construction firms in ASEAN member countries as well as in the Middle East such as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, in Saudi Arabia , Qatar, and Kuwait.

Let this be now our guiding principle – a high-quality Filipino civil engineer producing high quality engineering structures.

My sincerest wishes for the success of our Filipino civil engineers – and, to the PICE community!

Mabuhay tayong lahat!