The PICE Mission
To advance the welfare of our members and the development and prestige of the civil engineering profession ant to be a dynamic force in nation building.

The PICE Vision
The leader among professional organizations known globally for professionalism, integrity, excellence and social responsibility – A key player in nation building.

Excellence and
Social Responsibility

PICE Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 – Conscientiously advance the interest and promote the welfare of members


  • Protect the integrity of the scope of practice of civil engineering
  • Ensure that only registered civil engineers are allowed to practice the profession
  • Ensure that positions requiring primarily civil engineering knowledge and expertise are filled by civil engineers
  • Provide opportunities for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Create a CPD provider system under PICE
  • Provide forums for networking among members
  • Provide a system for resolution of grievances of civil engineers
  • Provide assistance to members such job placement and scholarship grants.

Goal 3 – Promote prestige and public awareness of the profession


  • Promote the highest ethical standards of practice
  • Mobilize a values formation program within PICE
  • Educate the public on the importance of the civil engineering profession in specific projects and in national development
  • Encourage chapters and members to participate in various national and international competitions
  •  Establish awards and incentives for outstanding CE projects and accomplishments
  • Formulate and carry out advocacy of problems and issues affecting the civil engineering profession
  • Formulate and express official stand on controversial major programs and projects
  • Foster good relationship with other organizations

Goal 4 – Enhance social responsibility and community involvement of civil engineers


  • Establish national engineering standards for procedures and materials
  • Offer technical services for community development programs as needed
  • Collaborate with other professional organizations in the conduct of community development programs
  • Promote voluntarism in disaster mitigation and response
  • Get involved in the housing program for the poor