Dear Colleagues,

The year 2016, from an engineering standpoint, was nothing short of amazing. We have achieved many great things; advancement in technology, development of old techniques, even new discoveries. All these didn’t just happen by sheer chance; it is only through our collaborative effort and ingenuity, and of course, with divine providence that made it possible.

Today, you have an opportunity to embark on a frontier which I am sure you are all very familiar with. May you continue to outperform yourself in this new year and uplift the standard of infrastructure quality and efficiency on our way to make the Philippines a center of excellence in infrastructure engineering, and the Filipino, the engineers of choice across the globe.

It is without a doubt that in doing so, challenges and difficulties would arise especially now that we are facing climate change head-on. Not to mention our ever so disconcerting role in sustainable or green engineering.  As Civil Engineers, we will not back-away from these obstacles; far from it, in fact, we shall embrace the trials and create wonderful opportunities from them which will allow our individual struggles shine as we gain more experience and prestige.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Catalina E. Cabral,Ph.D.

National President