1. Based on the matrix of cpd units given by the cpd council the formula to compute cpd units is (A + B + C) x D
2. A = 5 units: for conference >100 delegates and > 15 hours
3. B is the “importance of program” for the natcon we get the highest which is “very important” that’s equivalent to 2 units
4. C is the monitors evaluation for the natcon we get the highest which is “very good” that is equivalent to 2 units
5. D is the attendance which should be pro rated. if for example total hours is 17 and you got the perfect attendance then D is 17/17 = 1
6. Total for perfect attendance to the natcon is (5+2+2) x 1 = 9 units

important notes:
1. The formula and cpd matrix did not came from PICE. PICE is only one of the many accredited providers. you may attend any accredited provider but they all follow the same formula as given by the cpd council.
2. PICE is prohibited by the council to announce the cpd units before the events monitoring and evaluation by the council. (Refer to the document no.4 below)
3. PICE conducts midyear and national convention annually with or without the cpd requirements. PICE does not conduct conventions only for the purpose of cpd units only.
4. The Cpd unit requirement for the renewal of license is a law passed by the Republic of the Philippines for all professions not only CE (Refer to document no. 1)
5. Please refer to the documents below to show the above statements are true and correct. (The 9 unit certification will be posted once PICE gets the official form from the council)

6. Some members are posting 1 hr=1 unit old guideline that was taken came from the 2013 PRC Old Guideline. (Refer to document no. 5 annex D)

7. The CPD CU (credit units) for participants will be given only by the CPD Council upon approved credit units for the program. (PICE to submit attendance, seminar programs and list of participants) Refer to document no. 3 Resolution 07 series of 2017. These supersedes the 2013 PRC Old Guideline.
8. For questions or complains on why the units are too low in the formula or why PICE is prohibited to announce the cpd units before the natcon, please direct it to the right person Doc Romeo A. Estanero Chairman of the CpD council for civil engineers. email: estaneror@yahoo.com

PICE is a professional non profit and law abiding institution, there may be report of why other providers can do otherwise. PICE is not in a position to answer for others, please report any questions on third party to the Cpd council. Thank you.

Downloadable Documents:

  1. RA 10912
  2. PRC IRR of RA 10912 Resolution 1032 Date: Feb 15, 2017
  3. PRBOCE Operational Guideline Resolution 07 Series 2017
  4. Prohibition to announce cpd units (taken from Resolution 1032)
  5. Old PRC Guideline on CPD Resolution 2013-774 Date: July 25, 2013.
  6. Certification from CPD council that the 2017 national convention is 9 units (to be posted)