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ACECC 39th EXECOM Meeting – A Success

The Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC) 39th Executive Committee Meeting and its other events virtually hosted by PICE from Manila and Davao, Philippines is a success.

The 28th Technical Coordinating Committee Meeting, 33rd Planning Committee Meeting and the 39th Executive Committee Meeting on October 5 were attended by the presidents and representatives of the 14 member-societies. The current and future plans of ACECC were discussed.  

The technical sessions or webinars conducted by the ACECC Technical Committees No. 22 – Retrofitting and Strengthening of Existing Infrastructures, TC 24 – Gender and Development in Infrastructure and TC 21 – Transdisciplinary Approach for Building Societal Resilience to Disasters were attended by hundreds of participants and were viewed by thousands in the social media page of PICE.

The revitalized ACECC Future Leaders Forum participated in by 26 young Civil Engineer-leaders nominated by the ACECC member-societies was also conducted.

The event was highlighted by a virtual technical tour showcasing Philippine tourism and the Build Build Build Program of the current administration.

The official turnover of the ACECC Secretary General’s post from Dr. Kenichi Horikoshi of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers to Dr. Udai Singh of the American Society of Civil Engineers was also conducted during the EXECOM meeting.

“The 39th ECM would not be possible and successful without the support, cooperation and participation of the ACECC leaders, members, PICE past presidents, the current national board of directors, PICE members, the PICE secretariat and all those who have helped behind the scenes,” Dr. Erdsan Rene S. Suero, gratefully said.

ACECC Executive Committee Meeting is a biannual gathering of the presidents and representatives of its various member-civil engineering societies in Asia and the world. Its website is for more information about ACECC.

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