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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Related Questions

Why should I join PICE?
PICE is the only accredited Professional Organization for Civil Engineers by the Professional Regulation Commission.

What are the different types of membership?
The membership of the Institute composed of Regular Member, Associate Members, Fellows of the Institute, Honorary Members, Life Members and Student Members.

How to become an Associate Member?
ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP – An Associate member shall be one who has acquired the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) or its equivalent from any recognized engineering institution in the Philippines or abroad but who has not yet been admitted to the practice of Civil Engineering by the PRC.

How to become a Regular Member?
A Regular Member shall be one who is duly registered in the rolls of the Professional Regulation Commission or its predecessors, hereinafter referred to as the PRC, to practice Civil Engineering in the Philippines and who fulfills all other requirements for membership as provided in these By-Laws.

How to become a Life Member?
Any Regular Member who at the time of his application for this classification shall have been a member in good standing of the Institute continuously for at least ten (10) years.

What are the benefits of joining PICE?
PICE enhances your abilities through its Six Specialty Divisions: Project Management and Construction Engineering, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Engineering and Environmental and Energy Engineering. PICE continuously develop its members through the Conventions, Conferences, Publications. PICE helps the community through its Disaster Management Program. In addition, membership to the local chapter gives you the opportunity to meet and network with others. The chapter sponsors several technical sessions, annually along with get together and general membership meetings.

Who do I contact for additional membership information?
Please send an email to our Membership Unit at [email protected]

Events Related Questions

How to Register to the Event?
Registration is done through online. The registration link is found at the PICE’s website/membership portal.

Is it allowed to reserve a slot for the registration?
There is no reservation for the online registration. It is on a first-come first serve basis only.

Can we pay the registration fee through direct deposit to PICE National’s bank account?
Payment can only be done through the payment gateways provided by the online registration system (i.e., thru paypal – credit/debit cards or paynamics with various options of over-the-counter payment gateways such as 7Eleven, MLhuillier, etc.)

How do we get a copy of our Official Receipt?
The Official Receipt will be sent thru email. It is required that the email address provided during the online registration is correct and accessible.

Is the registration fee refundable if a registered delegate will not be able to attend?
Please refer to the REFUND/CANCELLATION Policy of the event stated in the flyer/poster.

What is/are the inclusion/s of the registration fee?
Normally, registration fee is inclusive of food for the entire duration of event, kit (customized bag) containing, ballpen, writing pad, ID Lace with Jacket. Please refer to event poster/flyer on inclusion/s of the registration fee for guidance.

Is registration transferrable?

How to get a copy of the event ID?
The event ID will be automatically sent by the online registration system after a successful registration and verification of payment. However, there are instances that the sending of the ID is delayed due to late posting of payment from the selected payment gateway. Event ID is sometimes not received due to an erroneous/inaccessible email address that was registered in the system.
Registered Delegate with a copy of the Official Receipt but has no event ID may contact the PICE National Office for assistance.

How to get a copy of the Lecture Materials?
A link to access/download the lecture materials will be flashed on screen/s after the last lecture at the last day of the event.

How to get a copy of the Certificate? Is the total number of CPD Units earned reflected in the certificate?
The event certificate will be sent to the registered email address of the delegate 5 working days after the conduct of the event. The total number of earned CPD Units is reflected on the certificate. The CPD Units earned is computed based on the number of hours per attendance scanning during the event. There are instances that the total number of hours is reflected instead of CPD Units, if the event has not granted yet an approved number of CPD Units by the PRC CPD Council.

How to rectify misspelled Names and/or incorrect PRC License Number?
If a delegate has committed an error during the registration (i.e., misspelled name or incorrect PRC License Number), the online registration system will send you the misspelled/incorrect event ID and the certificate. Correction will be done in the Certificate after receipt of the same upon request.