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PICE Application Forms

Registration Form - Expanded PICE VISMA Program
CPD Program Application Form
Application Form - APEC Engineer
Application Form - ASEAN Engineer
PICE Publication 2020 Event Submission Form
PICE Specialist Application Form
PICE Life Membership Application Form
PICE Membership Registration Form

Announcements & Newsletter

ACECC Outlook No. 17 (November 2020 Newsletter)
2020 PICE National President's Report
3rd Quater Newsletter
PICE National Statement on COVID-19
PICE 2nd Quarter 2020 Newsletter
PICE 1st Quarter 2020 Newsletter
PICE 2019 Annual Report

PICE Circulars

PICE Circular No. 2021-06: PRC's Search for Most Outstanding Civil Engineer & Most Outstanding Accredited Professional Organization for 2021
PICE Circular No. 2021-05: Free Webinar on COVID-19 Vaccine Literacy Program
PICE Circular No. 2021-04: Expanded PICE VISMA Program
PICE Circular No. 2021-03: PICE SAVES LIVES 2021 – BLOOD DRIVE (Whole Month of February 2021)
PICE Circular No. 2021-01: Celebration of the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development on March 4, 2021
PICE Circular No. 2020-21: 83rd Founding Anniversary and PICE DAY 2020
PICE Circular No. 2020-20 - Assistance to the Victims of Super Typhoon Rolly (Goni)
PICE Circular 2020-019: Best Civil Engineering Month Celebration
PICE CIRCULAR NO. 2020-18: 2020 PICE Virtual National Convention and Technical Conference
PICE CIRCULAR NO. 2020- 17: PICE National Awards 2020
PICE CIRCULAR NO. 2020-16: DPWH NBCDO Memorandum Circular No. 02, Series of 2009 - Processing & Issuance of Permits & Certificates Pursuant to Sec. 302(4) of the Revised IRR of PD 1096...
PICE Circular No. 2020-14 Membership 2020 Dues/SC & PWD Discount
PICE Circular No. 2020-13 VISMA Program
PICE Circular No. 2020-12 Updates on Major Activities-Events

PICE Guidelines

Guidelines of Expanded PICE VISMA Program
Guidelines: Best Celebrated Civil Engineering Month
Guidelines for the Celebration of the CIVIL ENGINEERING MONTH 2020 by the PICE Chapters
Guidelines for the PICE Outstanding Regional Coordinator Award 2020
Guidelines for the PICE Outstanding Newsletter Award 2020
Guidelines for the PICE Outstanding Community Project Award 2020
Guidelines for the PICE Outstanding International Chapter Award 2020
Guidelines for the PICE Outstanding Chapter Award 2020
Implementing Guidelines: PICE NATIONAL AWARDS 2020
APEC Competency Standards of Advanced Level Engineer
Application Guidelines - ASEAN Engineering Registry
RTC Guidelines 2020
Guidelines PICE Publication 2020
Guidelines on How to become a Specialist

Laws, Republic Acts, Others

DPWH NBCDO Memorandum Circular No. 02 Series of 2009: Processing and Issuance of Permits and Certificates Pursuant to Section 302(4) of the Revised IRR of PD 1096...
PRC Reso No. 1240 S.2020 Reiterating Ways of Learning that can earn CPD Units during COVID-19 & Extending Undertaking to December 31, 2021
Clarification on PRC Reso 1239 S.2020
PRC Reso 1239 S.2020 - Granting CPD Credit Units to All Professionals during COVID19 Pandemic
PRB CE Res 06 Series 2019 - Operational Guidelines CE
RA 10912 - Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016
IRR - PD 1096 National Building Code
PD 1096 National Building Code
RA 544 - Civil Engineering Law