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Apology Letter Sample – Mass Apology

For a mass apology, here’s an Apology Letter Sample you can use as a guide.

APOLOGY LETTER SAMPLE – Here’s a sample apology letter you can take as a guide when writing an apology letter to a certain group.

In apologizing, among the elements you must consider are saying sorry without any buts, owning up the mistake, description of what has happened, how you intend to fix the mistake, admit you are wrong, and ask for forgivenes. You should state no minimized details, blaming others, and stating defenses.

State all the essential details and make sure your letter is brief and straight to the point. Don’t ramble out on what has transpired. Be organized in putting the incident in details and never exaggerate.

Check out some guides and tips below:

  • Be respectful, sincere, and professional in your language.
  • Don’t beat around the bush. Get straight to the point and brief just as long as you provide all the necessary details needed. Be concise
  • You must indicate to not do it again or you can also offer some form of restitution and something else that can make things right.
  • Be selfless and don’t try to deflect blame onto others. Take full responsibility for your actions and focus on the consequences.

(See correct format here: Apology Letter – Guides, Tips, and What To Include)

Here is a sample of an apology letter as a group:

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to everyone to apologize for what I have done during our team’s annual year-end party. I never realized at first that what I was wearing was offensive to some of you until honest comments were made about my attire.

It is never my intention to put or cause anyone in distress. I admit that I didn’t think things through before I decided on what to wear. I swear to be careful in choosing what to wear next time and to opt for something that is not controversial.

Please forgive me if I have made some of you uncomfortable. To make up for what I have done, I ordered lunch for everyone as a sincere peace offering.


(Sender’s name)


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