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Peer Pressure in BIM-Based Collaboration Improves Student Learning | Journal of Civil Engineering Education


Building information modeling (BIM)-based collaboration may be associated with peer pressure in educational settings. Peer pressure creates a challenge for educators to foster students’ BIM skills and prepare them for a career in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. However, the effects of peer pressure on student learning in BIM classes remain unknown. This research aims to explore how peer pressure influences student learning of BIM technology. This study designed four pedagogical scenarios to stimulate different degrees of peer pressure in a BIM class at Michigan State University, and compared student learning outcomes in the four scenarios. Results of multiple regression indicate a positive relationship between the level of peer pressure and the student learning outcome. Students exposed to a higher level of peer pressure demonstrated higher and stabler grades. Findings suggest peer pressure works as a “social magnet” to attract students to progress together. Implications are discussed for educators and practitioners to create effective learning environments and promote the diffusion of knowledge and technology.

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