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Role of Footing Embedment on Tunnel–Foundation Interaction | Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering


This technical note investigates the effect of footing embedment depth on tunnel–structure interaction using geotechnical centrifuge testing. A 2-story framed building on separate footings, either resting directly on the surface or embedded in the soil, and subjected to tunneling-induced displacements is modeled. Measurements of the displacements of the footings and underlying soil, ground deformations, and structural distortions are presented. Results show that footing embedment increases foundation differential settlements and horizontal displacements, thereby causing a greater level of distortion within the frame. Furthermore, the embedded footings result in a larger magnitude of ground displacements and shear strains of the soil. Finally, modification factors and relative stiffness parameters are presented, indicating a greater effect of the embedment on horizontal deformations than the angular distortion of the bays.

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