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What Influences Women to Study Architectural, Engineering, or Construction (AEC) Majors? | Journal of Civil Engineering Education


It is well documented that the construction industry is perceived as an environment dominated by males, and as a result the industry has difficulty attracting qualified female employees. This study examined the female students studying Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) majors at the Ara Institute of Canterbury, New Zealand, and identified the factors influencing their decisions to study their fields and strategies that could be implemented to encourage and attract more females to study and work in the industry. Results of this case study showed that for female students, the factors most influencing their choice of an AEC major were their personal interest in the subject, career opportunities, expected salary, financial considerations, and the industry image. Recommendations for tertiary institutions include collaborating with construction companies to provide hands-on experiences for potential students to gain knowledge of the opportunities available within professional construction careers. In addition, improvement of advertising through the internet, female guest speakers, and providing high school students and counsellors with current and readily available information are of strategic significance.

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