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PICE issues Statement on Fight Against COVID-19

The Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc. (PICE) fully recognizes the sacrifices and services rendered by the healthworkers, frontliners, police and military personnel, government and private workers especially the Civil Engineers who are in the forefront of providing the necessary healthcare and quarantine facilities all over the country in our fight against COVID-19. These courageous and dedicated men and women deserve no less than our highest respect and that they must not be discriminated in any manner.

PICE wishes that all persons infected by the disease make full recovery and that with the extreme efforts of quarantine, the curve shall be flattened at the earliest possible time. As one Nation, we must join hands in order to defeat this menace so that the healthworkers, frontliners and patients will be able to go home and enjoy the loving comforts of their families.

As Civil Engineers, although most of us are complying with the home quarantine requirement, we are expected to help by utilizing our technical knowledge and resources to develop innovations and efforts that are helpful in the ongoing battle against the virus. The PICE National has maximized its resources for its corporate social responsibility at this time of crisis. With the cancellation of the planned projects and activities, PICE Chapters are also encouraged to donate food and other necessities to the less fortunate and the needy, in addition to the healthworkers and frontliners in their localities.

The Filipino Civil Engineers is one with the Philippine Government in its efforts to eliminate the virus and revert back to our regular lives. While the construction industry is severely affected by the stoppage of work, we shall religiously comply with the directive because it is for the best of our country and for the common good.

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